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How to collect logs using SideQuest

In some situations you may want to collect logs from MeetinVR to send to the developers in order for them to identify the problem you are having. This article will show you how.

  1. Install SideQuest.

  2. Launch SideQuest

  3. Connect Meta Quest/Quest 2 headset with USB Cable to your PC

  4. Allow access in the headset

    SideQuest will not have access to headset until given.

    Giving access inside the headset

  5. Verify access allowed

    Check that the color is green and device name is showing

  6. Run ADB commands

    Select button in the top right corner

  7. Run Logcat

    Select the Logcat option

  8. Pick output folder

    Click the blue button to select where the log file will be output

  9. Start collecting logs

    Start collecting logs from the headset.

  10. Run MeetinVR on your headset

    Find MeetinVR in the app library and open it.

  11. Stop collecting logs

    When you are done collecting logs stop it.

  12. Get the log file from the selected output folder

    Find the file containing the logs in the folder that was chosen earlier.

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