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MeetinVR Changelog

This article lists all MeetinVR version updates from 35.0.0 onwards.

36.0.4 - 26th April 2024

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Hotfix an issue where some avatars would not render properly

36.0.3 - 12th April 2024

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Improved PDF page render speed. Especially when casting.

36.0.2 - 20th March 2024

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Significantly improved 2-handed manipulation of objects

  • Improve stability of line synchronization

  • Improved support for locked objects in the room

  • Improved registration flow

  • Several UI improvements and clarifications

  • Several minor bugfixes

36.0.1 - 29th February 2024

Dashboard (Web platform)

  • Fixed an issue where you could not upload .fbx files

  • Small UI/UX tweaks

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Fix a crash after using the app for a longer time

  • Fix an issue where pen drawings did not get synchronized after switching rooms

36.0.0 - 22nd February 2024

Dashboard (Web platform)

  • Implement a new design. Read the blog post

  • Add support for tablet and mobile screen formats

  • Remove Pro and Enterprise editions differentiations

  • Change license prices for a weekly, monthly and yearly plan

  • Add private room feature

  • Add template room feature

  • Add feature to assign and revoke license seats to your users

  • Add feature to manage your subscription plan, payment details and company details

  • Improve handling for users with multiple teams

  • Add meeting invite link time zone conversion

  • Add experimental static roomdata feature

  • Add Single Sign On for all teams

  • Add feature to link/unlink Single Sign On connections per user

  • Add feature to link/unlink Meta accounts

  • Change trials to no longer require Credit Card information

  • Change trials to no longer have a time limit

  • Add new knowledge base

  • Improve cloud decoding for videos

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Add tutorial room

  • Change application to utilize the new web platform

  • Improve throw to delete detection

  • Update Meta subscription users to support all team features

  • Fix bugs in environment switching feature

  • Fix notes menu not refreshing on changes

  • Improve multiple buttons that were hard to select

  • Add watermark for trial users

  • Add watermark for guest users

  • Improved team selection screen

  • Add feature for linking/unlinking Meta account to existing account

  • Fix an authorization issue that could occur when the app was running for a long time

  • Add a more helpful message when your are logged into an account twice

  • Fix avatar heads blocking controller beams

  • Dozens of generic UI and networking fixes

35.2.0 - 4th December 2023

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Add compatibility for Meta Quest 3

  • Improve visibility of whiteboard notes when looking at them from a distance

  • Improve reconnection handling

  • Improve handling of skin and clothing colors on the sleeves/hands of some avatars

  • Add limit to note length to prevent overflow

  • Fix room thumbnail loading

  • Tweak throwing detection to prevent accidentally removing an object

  • Fix an issue where the pen tool did not always respawn

  • Fix an issue where the mouse was not visible in the tutorial on Windows

  • Fix a UI issue where you could not reselect your guest avatar

  • Fix UI graphical issues when casting a note on Windows

  • Improve loading of room updates

  • Remove the option to remove your tablet during the login screen

  • Adjust mouse cursor alignment on Windows

  • Reduce application download size by about 200MB

  • The Windows application is now code signed

35.1.0 - 9th October 2023

App (Pico, Meta Quest, Windows)

  • Add compatibility to connect to other app versions whenever possible

  • Change login password field so that the last typed character is not visible on Windows

  • Change spelling and text content

  • Fix an issue where guests would get the “Failed to create guest, go back to try again“

  • Fix an issue where avatars don’t show when users have the same avatar

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