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1. Create an account and join a team in MeetinVR

The first step in getting started in MeetinVR is to create an account and join a team in MeetinVR.

To create an account and join an existing team the admin of the team needs to add your e-mail address to the team. If you are the admin and want to get started with MeetinVR view the getting started guide for admins.

  1. Once the admin invited you to the team you will receive an invitation e-mail.

  2. In the e-mail select Activate Account

  3. Set a Password.

Password requirements:

  • Must have upper case characters (A-Z)

  • Must have a lowercase character (a-z)

  • Must have a number number (1-9)

  • Must be at least 8 characters

  1. Accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

  2. Create your Avatar.

There are 2 options to create your Avatar:

  • Let the AI avatar creator craft your avatar. Either take a selfie photo or upload one from your files.

  • Adjust you avatar manually by going through each step and select the appearance.

  1. Adjust your profile details:

    1. Upload a Profile Image.

    2. Enter your Profile Details. [Name / Job title]

You successfully completed the first step of the getting started guide by creating an account and joining a team in MeetinVR!

Continue with the 2nd step and learn how to create a meeting in MeetinVR.

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