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1. Create an account and a team in MeetinVR

To get started with MeetinVR the admin of the team needs to create an account before a team can be created. An admin has additional features to which normal user has access to.

This is the admin getting started guide to help set up MeetinVR for a team and managing admin tasks. If you are not an admin view the getting started guide for team users.

Admins have additional functionalities for managing team members and licenses, whereas regular users do not have these capabilities. All team members within a team can access the same team rooms and share team files among each other.

  1. Visit the MeetinVR website to start the registering process.

  2. Fill in your First name, Last name and your Email.

  3. Accept the privacy policy and terms of service.

  4. Click on Register at the bottom.

  5. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

  6. In that email click on Confirm account.

  7. Now set a password.

Password requirements:

  • Must have upper case characters (A-Z)

  • Must have a lowercase character (a-z)

  • Must have a number number (1-9)

  • Must be at least 8 characters

  1. Click on Activate account.

  2. After activating your account you will be directed to the MeetinVR dashboard.

  3. In there you have to fill in your Billing Info and Payment details.

You successfully completed the first step of the admin getting started guide by creating an account and a team in MeetinVR.

Continue with the 2nd step and learn how to manage rooms in MeetinVR.

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