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2. Manage rooms in MeetinVR

After creating an account and a team in MeetinVR the 2nd step is to learn how to manage rooms in MeetinVR.

If you do not know how to create an account and a team, view the guide on how to create an account and a team in MeetinVR.

MeetinVR rooms are virtual meeting rooms to meet your colleagues. These rooms can me customized to fit the right purpose for every meeting.

Add rooms

  1. Open the MeetinVR dashboard and log in to your account.

  2. Select the Rooms tab located in the top row.

  3. Click on +Add Room.

  4. Choose one of the existing templates.

  5. Add a Name and a Description for the room you want to create.

  6. Now select if this rooms should be a Team room or a private room.

Team room

Team rooms can be accessed by anyone inside your team.

Private room

This room can only be accessed by you. This gives you the opportunity to prepare the room for a meeting without the team members being able to access it. Team members will be able to access it once you change the settings of this room or when you add this room to a scheduled meeting.

  1. Select Create room.

Change room settings

  1. In the dashboard select the tab rooms.

  2. Click on the room you want to change.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. In these settings you can change the Name and Description.

  5. You can switch this room to a privat room or a team room.

  6. Turn on and off Persist room objects. If you activate this the objects that will be added to the room will save in-between sessions.

  7. Click Save.

How to delete rooms

  1. Navigate to the room overview in the MeetinVR dashboard.

  2. Select a room.

  3. You will see a preview of the selected room.

  4. Select the trash can o the left side to delete the selected room.

You successfully completed the 2nd step of the admin getting started guide by learning how to manage rooms in MeetinVR!

Continue with the 3rd step and learn how to manage a team in MeetinVR.

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