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3. Upload files for your meeting in MeetinVR

After learning how to create a meeting in MeetinVR the next step is to learn how to upload files for your meeting in MeetinVR. Files in MeetinVR can elevate the meeting environment. You have the possibility to upload images, videos, PDFs, 3D models and notes. Those can be extracted in the 3D space or you can cast your files to a whiteboard.

If you have not created a meeting go back to the previous guide on how to create a meeting in MeetinVR.

Files are not necessary in MeetinVR but they can enhance the user experience depending on the goal of each meeting. If you want to use files in your meeting we recommend uploading the desired files before a meeting. Files can be uploaded through the MeetinVR dashboard.
To uploade 3D modules in MeetinVR please view this guide.

  1. Open the MeetinVR dashboard and log in to your account.

  2. Select the Meetings tab located in the top row.

  3. Choose where you want to upload a file. You can choose between Personal files or Team files.

Personal files

These files are only visible to you. Unless you share them in a room. These files can later be added to the team files.

Team files

Upload, view and share files with all members from your team. All files you list here are visible to members of your team.

  1. Click on New on the left side. A drop down menu will appear.

  2. Choose File. Your Windows explorer will open.

  3. Select the desired file you want to upload. View this guide to learn more about what type of file can be uploaded to MeetinVR.

  4. Once the uploading process is completed it will be displayed in the selected file.

You successfully completed the 3rd step of the getting started guide by learning how to uploade files for your meeting in MeetinVR!

Continue with the 4th step and learn how to install MeetinVR.

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