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4. Manage team licenses in MeetinVR

After learning how to manage teams the 4th step is to learn how to manage team licenses in MeetinVR.

If you do not know how to manage teams, view the guide on how to manage teams in MeetinVR.

To enjoy MeetinVR it is necessary that the team members get assigned a license. Without a license the user will have a watermark in their view. Those licenses can only be managed by admins.

How to add more licenses

  1. Open the MeetinVR dashboard and log in to your account.

  2. Select the Teams tab located in the top menu.

  3. Click on Subscription.

  4. Select Manage subscription.

  5. Now you can choose the amount of licenses you would like to purchase and if you would like the pay weekly, monthly or yearly.

  6. Check if your order details are correct.

  7. Enter your payment details of your credit card.

  8. Select Confirm to place the order.

You will now have additional licenses that can be distributed to team accounts.

How to distribute licenses

To remove the watermark a license needs to be assigned to this specific account.

  1. In the MeetinVR dashboard select the Teams tab.

  2. There you will see all account that have been invited to your team.

  3. On the bottom of each account you will find a pen icon. Click on it to edit the account.

  4. Next to the License section you will see a toggle.

  5. With this toggle you can assign licenses to accounts.

This way you can assign and retract licenses of accounts.

You successfully completed the 4th step of the admin getting started guide by learning how to manage team licenses in MeetinVR!

Congrats, you finished the admin getting started guide. To enjoy all the features inside MeetinVR view the getting started (for normal users) to learn more about how to create and join meetings, how to upload files and how to install and navigate in MeetinVR.

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