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How to upload and review 3D models?

Formats supported:

MeetinVR enables you to extract 3D models in VR with GLB, FBX, OBJ, GLTF2, STL, PLY and 3MF files supported. 

The current implementation does not support external materials and textures. If you want your model's materials and textures to be applied and visible, make sure they are embedded in the 3D model (GLB, GLTF2 and FBX).

Other model formats are supported but textures will not be included.

Performance Limitations:

Due to the hardware limitations of untethered devices, the models should comply with the following guidelines to deliver a pleasant experience

Currently, meetings are limited to 10 extracted models.

Our recommendation for general-purpose meetings are 5.000 triangles and a 2048px texture for each model. 

Performance vary but depends particularly on the following room conditions:

  • How many models are extracted?

  • How many people are you?

  • What devices are you using; High-end or Low-end VR devices?

How to upload:

You upload your models to the web platform in advance of your meeting and can preview them on your in-VR tablet before extracting them in a room or casting them to a screen. 

Animation support will be implemented in the future as well.

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