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Will MeetinVR cause motion sickness?

To our knowledge it is very seldom that MeetinVR users experience motion sickness as MeetinVR is a VR-beginner friendly experience, where you move and interact with objects in a controlled manner.

However, if you feel sick or dizzy, trust that emotion and take off your headset. You can continue your session through the PC client which can be downloaded here.

Motion sickness occurs when your brain cannot match what you see with what is going on in reality (for example if you are moving in VR, but you are sitting on a chair in reality). We haven’t encountered this issue, but if you are particularly sensitive to VR, you may experience this when you teleport.

This side-effect can also vary depending on the type of headset you are using. For instance, the Quest has a lower refresh rate (72 frames per second), whereas the Rift has about 90 fps. This may not seem like a big difference, or a visible one at least, but if you are especially sensitive to lagging, it may trigger your motion sickness.

If you feel sick or dizzy when you use VR:

  1. take off headset immediately

  2. take a 30 min break

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