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6. Navigating in VR

After learning how to join a meeting in MeetinVR the next step is to learn how to navigate in MeetinVR.

If you do not know how to join a meeting in MeetinVR go back to the previous guide on how to join a meeting MeetinVR.

How to move around

The meeting rooms in MeetinVR can be large enough that you have to move around within it. To be able to access every area within the room, it is possible to teleport to different parts of the room


  1. With your controller point to the floor and push the joystick forward with your thumb.

  2. You will see a circle indicator where you are pointing.

  3. Release the joystick when the circle is where you want to teleport to.

Rotate your view

Push the joystick on your controller to the left or right to adjust your view.

How to sit down and change seats

In some MeetinVR meetings there is the option of sitting in different kinds of seats, whether it is in the audience in front of a large screen, at a conference table or in a group of chairs in front of a whiteboard. To select a seat and virtually sit in it follow the following steps:

  1. With your controller point to the seat you want to sit on and push the joystick forward with your thumb.

  2. An arrow will point down to the seat and will say “Sit here“.

  3. Release the joystick to sit on the seat.

  4. To change seats simply repeat that process.

MeetinVR tablet

The tablet in MeetinVR lets you manage various actions. It serves as your main navigation panel in MeetinVR.

How to access the tablet

  1. On your left hand (left controller) you will see a watch on your wrist.

  2. Touch this watch with your right finger or select it using the trigger button of your right controller.

  3. The tablet will open up in front of you.

How to use the pen

Access the pen: The pen is located on the right side of the tablet. With your right hand reach for it and grab it pushing and holding the grip button which is located on the side of your controller. To let go of the pen release the grip button.
It is also possible to grab the pen at your right ear.

Write in 3D: While holding the pen additionally push and hold the trigger. Move the controller to draw a line.

Change colors: While holding the pen push the thumbstick left or right to turn the colorful ring that is located in the middle of the pen. Let go of the thumbstick once you reached the desired color. The chosen color will be indicated at the tip and at the end of the pen.

How to use notes

Notes are virtual pieces of paper that you can write on and release into 3D space.

  1. Select Notes in the top row of the tablet menu.

  2. Click on the icon with the pen to create a new note.

  3. Click on the note to edit the note.

  4. You can either use the keyboard or use the speech-to-text function by pressing the microphone icon at the top.

  5. Once you created the note select the hand icon to release the note into the 3D space.

How to extract files

In a MeetinVR meeting you have the possibility to extract your preloaded files into 3D space so they can appear in the meeting as if they were printed.

  1. Select Files in the top row of the tablet menu. These must be uploaded in advance. View this guide to find a step-by-step guide on how to upload files in MeetinVR.

  2. There you can choose between Personal and Team Files and select the desired file.

  3. Once the file is opened click on the hand icon at the top to extract the file into 3D space.

  4. You can also cast the file to a whiteboard if there is one available in the meeting room you are currently in by clicking the cast icon at the top.

How to take pictures

  1. Select Camera in the top row of the tablet menu.

  2. You can grab the tablet by holding your left hand next to the side of the tablet and pressing the grip button of the controller.

  3. Move the tablet until you reach the desired postilion for the picture.

  4. Press the button at the bottom of the tablet to take the picture.

  5. You can also change the outside camera to the inside camera of the tablet so you can take a selfie with your avatar. Simply press the camera icon with the arrows inside to located at the top right corner.

You now know how to navigate in MeetinVR.

Congrats, you finished the Getting started guide. Now you will be ready to to enjoy the full potential of MeetinVR!

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